Anderson, Braves good fit

He has spent his entire professional life with the Angels, but Garret Anderson is ready for a change — and Atlanta looks like a very nice fit for the left fielder with the smooth style and textbook stroke.

Anderson provides quiet leadership and a soothing presence, and Casey Kotchman especially will reap benefits if the deal with the Braves goes down, as expected. Kotch and GA are extremely close. Any difficulties Casey might have had last season making the transition to a new league after the trade for Mark Teixeira in late July will be eased by Anderson’s calm manner and words of wisdom.

The Braves are essentially a young club now, with the exception of Chipper Jones. The Braves have another Anderson, center fielder Josh, who also figures to benefit from Garret’s experience. Just as the Angels did with Bobby Abreu, the Braves will be getting a bargain. Anderson will hit anywhere, in any conditions, and he’s still a quality outfielder.          

One comment


    I, too, think that GA will be good for Casey. I was disappointed to see what Casey did for the Braves after the trade last year. He’s too good a hitter.

    I was hoping that GA would wind up with Ms. That way I could still see him play a few times a year. I guess I’m glad he’s not going to be with the Ms. We have a hard enough time with the Ms.

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