Return of the mailbag . . . as inbox

Yes, by popular demand, the ol’ mailbag is coming back under a new format, now identified as Inbox to bring it more in step with the times. But it basically will be the same old song: you hurling questions, your faithful correspondent trying to respond as honestly as the law allows.

For now, if you have something you’d like to throw my way — and you know you do — just pass it along here, making sure to let me know where you live along with your first name and last name initial. We’ll re-open a season-long dialogue. This will be more spontaneous than in the past, with no assigned publishing days. We’ll be winging it, which should be fun.

In the immortal words of the great Marvin Gaye, let’s get it on.



One comment

  1. twsworld

    Have the Angels given any consideration to trying Napoli at First Base? I know the Angels will give Kendry Morales every chance in the world, and then some, to be the everyday firstbaseman, but what are the options if Kendry Morales doesn’t work out?

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