Daydream believer

On a gorgeous Sunday in Tempe, the mind wanders briefly, and here is what settles in: A massive deal involving the Angels and Padres.

Ten for two.

From Anaheim to San Diego go the following: Nick Adenhart, Dustin Moseley, Shane Loux, Kevin Jepsen, Erick Aybar, Freddy Sandoval, Matt Brown, Kendry Morales, Reggie Willits and Terry Evans.

From San Diego to Anaheim: Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez.

The Padres get a new team, virtually, and the Angels have a powerhouse that causes tremors throughout the game.

Bud Black adds three starters (Moseley, Adenhart, Loux) while subtracing one. He gets a future closer in Jepsen. He gets a superlative shortstop in Aybar and a kid from Tijuana (Sandoval) who can play three infield positions and hit. He gets a quality corner infielder in Brown and a first baseman in Morales to replace Gonzalez. He gets an outfielder (Willits) who can play all three spots and will produce a 370-.380 on-base percentage  and 40-50 steals leading off as an everyday player. And he gets a power hitter in Evans who can leave any yard.

Mike Scioscia gets one of the best pitchers alive in Peavy and a first baseman in Gonzalez who is very close to the equal of Mark Teixeira. The Angels still have plenty of quality reserves left over, owing to an astonishing stockpile of talent. Yes, they add payroll with Peavy and Gonzalez, but the long-term benefits are immense.

The Padres get almost 60 years worth of contracts at an immediate cost of roughly $4 million for the 2008 season. The Angels have Peavy and Gonzalez locked up for at least three more years apiece. This would not be a half-season of Teixeira.  

Peavy gives the Angels the Majors’ dominant rotation; Gonzalez is a No. 4 hitter who, free of PETCO Parks dimensions, hits about 40 homers and drives in close to 140  runs behind Chone Figgins, Bobby Abreu and Vladimir Guerrero.

Win, win. Everybody wins, once Padres fans realize that even with fan favorites Peavy and Gonzalez, they are looking at potentially a long, long season. Guys like Aybar, Willits, Morales, Adenhart and Jepsen would form a solid foundation for years to come.

Granted, there’s not much likelihood something like this would come to pass. But hey, a guy can daydream, can’t he? Isn’t that what Spring Training is all about?



  1. halofanboston

    I agree with one thing, the Angels have way too much talent to waste away on the bench or waste time in Salt Lake. Those guys are talented and ready but won’t be able to fully develop and prove themselves unless they can play every day at the major league level. The trade is interesting but I think we’re fine with the pitching staff and as for offense, let’s see what Kendry can do as an every day player, I think he’ll be great. I like Aybar better than Isturis. I hope the Angels do something with Gary Matthews Jr. this year instead of playing him as if they feel they have to. Just give up already and give Juan Rivera a chance to do again what he did in 2006.

    One question for the “mailbag”. A lot of people have Howie Kendrick vying for the A.L. batting title. What is the Angels’ management game plan to keep him healthy this year?

  2. prosenivy

    Feel free to daydream all you’d like, I do. I wonder how many of us have a Peavy to our respective club daydream going on this Spring. My Cubs have a lot of young pitching and solid bench players to offer up as well for Peavy. If he ends up anywhere this season, I hope it’s Chicago with the Cubs.

    Prose and Ivy

  3. angelsrock

    Well, Lyle, it’s a nice dream, but I don’t see Reagins pulling the trigger on this one, at least not this year. With Escobar ahead of schedule, the Angels really have no need for Peavy at this point. He would be a nice luxury, but not worth sending them half of the Salt Lake Bees’ roster. Don’t sell Kendry Morales short either. He may prove to be just as dynamic a hitter as Teixeira, and he’s also a switch hitter. If San Diego still has Peavy after this season the Angels may need to get more aggressive in acquiring him, especially with Escobar and Lackey’s contracts expiring. Hopefully we can keep Lackey, or even both of them, but you never know with free agency being so unpredictable. Even if we loose both and are desparate for Peavy, I really can’t see sending them that many players. We will need Adenhart in that situation too, assuming he gets over his psychological issues and shows his sparkling talent.

  4. mikecham00

    I like this post because it reads like a fans thoughts. It is also interesting to read in light of the espn insider article that rips the angels for mismanaging their prospects.


    I like the trade a lot. I’m assuming you’re throwing in Aybar so Wood can have a clean shot at short while Figgins stays at third. I would substitute Weaver for Adenhart because Escobar will be back soon and Weaver is a Boras client so we all know he’ll be leaving as soon as he can. Peavy, Lackey, Saunders and Santana is a rotation that can get us past the first round in the playoffs. If Wood doesn’t make it then Izturis is still there with Sean Rodriguez and Statia in the wings.

  6. fulltoy1

    Why in the world would you want Jake Peavy for 10 Angels, we already have Kelvim Escobar. WAKE UP DUDE!!!

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