Wood stays scalding hot

Brandon Wood apparently is serious about making a point. He wants to be on the Angels’ Opening Day roster.

Serving as designated hitter on Tuesday against Indians right-hander Carl Pavano, Wood unloaded a three-run homer in the second inning after getting ahead 2-1 in the count. Howie Kendrick and Juan Rivera had singled in front of Wood, whose homer was his second of the spring and gave the Angels a 3-2 lead.

Wood is 10-for-21 (.476) after the homer with 20 total bases for a .952 slugging percentage. He is trying to bang his way into the lineup at shortstop or third base. 


  1. enriquepollazzo

    I’ve always thought the best way to break into baseball is to bang your way into a lineup. 🙂

    He is kicking butt.

  2. stereofx78

    Wood’s success so far this spring is both reassuring and worrysome. If he maintains a consistent run of success at the plate, and defense remains smooth and solid as usual, Mike Scioscia is really going to have to deal with this “happy dillema”. He’s been playing him at 3rd all spring, but an article read that he trimmed 10 lbs to be better suited at short stop on a regular basis. I’m just trying to gage the plan of attack here if Wood proves himself not to be ignored as a potential opening day starter. Is a trade in order, as has been an idea exhausted by so many for so long, shipping either Aybar or Figgins away with someone else for an insurance pitcher? If Aybar goes, Wood starts the season at 3rd moving Figgins to his original position of SS. I know Figgins has put in a lot of time at 3rd, honed his craft there and has done unbelievably, but I see that translating at SS very well too. And you know figgins is down for anything if it keeps him on the field and gives us a chance to win. Or Wood at SS and Figgins staying at 3rd, this way we don’t logjam 3rd in hopes of Matt Brown coming up in a big way there in the future. Or if Figgins goes, Wood starts the season at 3rd and Aybar remains at SS. It just seems to me that to insert Wood into the everyday line up, a trade would have to happen in order to keep one of Aybar or Figgins on the field, anybody’s field, everyday. I don’t see us rendering either of those two as a reserve, to retain depth, in order to get Wood in there everyday, not the likes of those two players at least. They need to play everyday, and if Wood continues to prove he’s worthy, he also needs to play everyday. Something’s gotta give.

  3. howie_pwns

    The best plan of attack for the Angels is to put Figgins back into the super-sub role, and let Wood take over 3B full-time.

    Figgins can play 5-6 days a week rotating between SS, 2B, 3B and OF (let’s face it, some one will get hurt), but you’re still giving Wood, Aybar, Morales and Kendrick the necessary playing time to grow and mature.

    Or, to relieve all of this, you could just trade Figgins. The Cardinals are looking for a second baseman…

  4. chukhustle

    sciosia needs to put wood in the line up every day. dont kidd urself fellow halo fans we can win with this team it all depends on if we peak at the right time. we need some momentom going into the playoffs.

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