Santana, Lackey set to go

Ervin Santana, rebounding from a sprained right elbow that sidelined him all spring, is set to make the next step toward rejoining the Angels’ rotation.

A 2008 American League All-Star, Santana is set to pitch four innings for high Class A Rancho Cucamonga on Monday. Angels manager Mike Scioscia said the goal is to get Santana through four innings and 60 pitches, adding about 15 pitches in ensuing starts until he’s ready to go for the Angels.

John Lackey, a 2007 AL All-Star and league ERA kingpin, is set to make his first rehab start in his recovery from a right forearm strain on Tuesday for Triple-A Salt Lake. Lackey, like Santana, is expected to deliver four innings and about 60 pitches, Scioscia said.

“John looked good” in throwing 45 pitches and three innings in extended Spring Training on Thursday, Scioscia said. “We’re encouraged by how John and Ervin are both progressing. We’ll see where they are after these next outings and go from there.”



  1. papabear35

    well at least the calvary is on its way. The way the angels pitching is right now it SUX!!!! we are supposed to have the best starting pitching and this is what we get. our so called closer Fuentes is not doing crap and he keeps on blowing games. Arte get some cojones and buy a decent closer not one that blows games. Spend the cash maybe we could of still had tex and frankie. I bet ur kicking ur donky behind for not signing them.


    Throwing money at the problem is not the solution. Case in point…NY Yankees. Every year, Steinbrenner spends almost 1/4 of a billion dollars on players, an all star line up, and they haven’t won a World Series since 2000. How can that be. It does require talent, mostly pitching and defense. Not exactly sure if Fuentes was the best we can do, but maximizing players in key situations is what Scioscia does best. And, Mr. Moreno is a businessman and a true baseball fan. He knows that team chemistry will prevail over individual raw talent any day. The MLB season is a marathon, not a sprint. Heard Hudler on TV the other put it best…saying it’s not how you start, but how you finish.
    My money is still on the Angels, with Scioscia and Butcher eventually getting the pitching back on track.

  3. doughdoc

    Starting pichting is not our problem as is evident so far this season. Fuentes is not the answer. Back in December we “concentrated” on signing Tex and let Frankie get away and sign with the Mets. It should have never happenned and should never have gotten that far. Give the GM a D- grade for his first year. For a good start, we have just brought up Fernando Rodriguez from Salt Lake and probably should bring up Trevor Bell from Arkansas. Mike Scioscia knows how to grow pitchers, we should never have bought one. Put Fuentes in a setup roll and let the two youngsters fight it out. The results could be surprising.

  4. beesgal

    Hey Lyle,
    Seems that Lackey will pitch in Salt Lake for four innings on Tuesday (5 May). The Triple-A team is at home 4-7 May, hits the road 8-11 May, then back home again 12-19. Any chance we’ll get to see Santana pitch in Salt Lake, or is he going to stay in California?

    I’d sure enjoy seeing “Magic” again. . .BeesGal

  5. lifelongangelsfan

    If you ask me, the Angels starters have been fantastic and when you look at what they have been through and who they are you really couldnt ask for much more, even from the regulars. These guys have stepped up and have been consistently keeping the Angels in the game and giving them ample opportunities to win games, its unfortunate that the offense was missing in the first couple weeks and the bullpen has been unreliable and inconsistent at best. I think Otega, Loux, Palmer, and even Oliver are the main reason the Angels season has not been a complete disaster, disappointing so far, but they are far from out of it. Knowing Lackey and Santana are so close to coming back and the starting rotation is only going to get better, this season is already looking like its starting to turn around. I know Soc will get the bullpen back to where it has always been, he is one of the best things to have happened to this organizations in the more than 20 years Ive been an Angels Fan, so I am not sweating it(yet).

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