Guerrero returns

Vladimir Guerrero will make his return to the Angels lineup tonight against the White Sox as the designated hitter, batting in his customary cleanup spot between AL Player of the Month Bobby Abreu and Juan Rivera.

Catcher Bobby Wilson is being returned to Triple-A Salt Lake to make room for Guerrero on the 25-man roster.

Guerrero and Torii Hunter have been on the 15-day disabled list since July 10. The Angels were 17-3 with their customary 3-4 hitters out of the lineup.

Guerrero, sidelined with a strained muscle behind his left knee, is batting .290 with four homers and 21 RBIs.

Hunter, out with an adductor muscle strain on his right side, will need a little more time, manager Mike Scioscia said, because he’ll be in center field when he rejoins the lineup. Hunter could play a few Minor League rehab games this weekend to get ready. 




    Like who didn’t see this coming. Put Guerrero back in the line-up and the Angels lose. Not only that, but Morales and Rivera go 0-for-8.

    I have an idea: when something is working, let it work. The Angels offense was doing just fine before Guerrero was unwisely inserted back into the line-up.

    Furthermore, if Guerrero has to play right now for contractual reasons or something, then bat him sixth of seventh or something. He is not prepared–nor has he deserved–to bat fourth in the line-up this year–and he should be the first to tell you so.

  2. dredleelam

    Vlad is just killing em.

    ground balls; double plays. He’s just killing em.

    My gawd what a terrible mistake to not send him out for a week . . . and then to bring him back hitting 7th..

    There are times when Mike S’s loyalty and love for players just drives me nuts. I suppose his players love him back. But this is just absurd. They have effectively stopped the most potent lineup in the league, dead in it’s tracks.

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