Adios, Figgy; hola, Woody

Before moving on to the Winter Meetings and long days filled with hot air inside the Indiana Convention Center, I’d like to offer a few words with respect to Chone Figgins, who is about to enrich the Seattle Mariners in so many ways.

First and foremost, I’ll miss our daily conversations about the game, especially in a historical context. Chone wanted to hear everything I had to offer about players from earlier eras, such as the acrobatic idol of his youth, Ozzie Smith. As someone who loves an attentive audience, I was always deeply appreciative of Figgins’ company.

Figgins is baseball’s version of a gym rat. Nobody works harder at improving himself. I actually would get on him now and then for pushing himself too hard, for taking too much batting practice. He’d grin and say, “That’s who I am. I love this.”

He keeps finding new ways to get better, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t continue to add subtle new elements to his brilliant game. Watching Figgy and Ichiro together should be a real treat for those who love the inner game. Mariners fans should be pumped; there will not be a more exciting tandem in the game.

Figgins never can absorb enough information about the game. When he’s not working on improving himself, he’s watching the MLB Network or talking about the game with teammates, friends and family members. His mother knows what she’s talking about, and it shows in the bloodlines. Chone’s brother, Demetrius, has served as a respected scout for the Angels.

When Garret Anderson departed via free agency after the 2008 season on the heels of the departure of the third member of their inner circle, Casey Kotchman, I figured Figgins would be in the dumps. I was surprised to see how upbeat he was from the moment he arrived at camp in Arizona last spring. Before long, he’d developed a bond with Bobby Abreu, and the two clicked as if they’d been teammates for years.

This did nothing to diminish Figgins’ appreciation for Anderson, who’d meant so much to him. Chone still talked about GA all the time. But he didn’t let it cloud his impressions of the man who’d essentially arrived to replace his good buddy. Abreu had a reservoir of wisdom and knowledge, and Figgy soaked it in, raising his on-base percentage from a career .356 to .395 with a career year at 31. Through it all, Figgins praised Abreu for his daily influence.

How good a teammate is Figgins? He’d have agreed without complaint to move to the outfield if he’d been asked to do so to accommodate Brandon Wood at third — even though he’d made himself into a Gold Glove-level third baseman.

Wood — Woody in the clubhouse — now gets his shot, finally, to deliver on all that promise. He’ll tackle the challenge with relish – while remembering Figgins fondly.

“Sure, I want to play every day,” Wood said late in the season. “But look who’s ahead of me – Figgy at third and [Erick] Aybar at short? How can I expect to play ahead of those two guys? They’re great players.”

If the season started tomorrow, I’d expect to see Wood at third, with Maicer Izturis in reserve, backing up at all three positions he plays with the skill and poise of an everyday performer. Izturis can be a free agent after the coming season, and he’ll have the opportunity to go get an everyday job somewhere if he chooses that route. Baseball people know how good he is.

As painful as it is for fans to watch Figgins go, the Angels leave sentiment aside in their judgments. They calculated that they’ll be fine with a new look at third, and there is an undeniable element of excitement for fans in seeing what Wood can do with an everyday job.

He might not erupt as Kendry Morales did in ’09 when he finally got his chance, but Wood is capable of hitting 25-30 homers, driving in 80-100 runs (depending on where he hits in the order) and batting .275. Those who know him best – his Minor League teammates — fully expect him to flourish if he’s allowed to relax and unleash all that natural talent.

Like Anderson, Wood, I think, has been misinterpreted by some people as too cool, owing to his relaxed, easy manner. Believe me, having spent hours with the guy, I can assure you Wood burns to be successful, just as Garret has throughout his career. Hey, people used to think Henry Aaron was a cruiser, because of his laid-back style. He turned out all right.



  1. angelsgirl012

    Boo Figgy is my family’s favorite!!!!! We’re gonna miss him very much. However he is still my favorite leadoff man and I wish nothing but the best for him! Nothing but love Figgy!!!! I’m still gonna check up on him and since he’s going to a division rival I think we’re gonna see him a lot! And hey Seattle’s getting better and better so you never know! They might give us a run for our money πŸ˜›

    As for Brandon Wood well he’s deserving of a chance but I’ll be honest and say he’s not really my favorite. However I would happily eat crow if he proves me wrong.

    Thanks for this blog Mr Spencer I think Figgy was robbed of a Gold Glove this year. He’s beneficial in many many ways! Especially his signature Figgy smile πŸ˜€


    Way to go Artie for letting another fan favorite Angel leave without so much as a good contract offer, and this one will hurt. Figgins going to the M’s means the Angels hold on the AL West is now out. Plus with Lackey also set to move to Texas (another rival) the Angels have let there rivals catch up to them. Way to go Angel front office on another bumbling fumbling mistake!


    Wrong! I am not at all excited at the prospect of Brandon Woods taking over for Chone Figgins. The Angels are stupid for getting rid of Figgy; Woods is merely a sub-par version of him. The Angels should be doing everything they can to hold onto both Figgy and Lackey, two great players and two fan favorites. I just hope the Angels come to their senses before its too late for the team and for Figgy. After the season he had, he deserves more from the team. I hope the Angels organization reads these comments and realizes how much Chone Figgins means to the fans. This slight will not be soon forgotten by them. The fans love you Figgy!


    The Mariners? Really? You would think the Angels would do almost anything to stop that from happening but it seems that the Angels are content with going to the playoffs and thats it. I dont think we will be doing that next year unless something happens at the winter meetings. I knew Figgins was going to the highest bidder after some earlier interviews but who can blame him. I am bitter. I will cheer for O.C. and Anderson But Figgy….
    ehh you may get a golf clap. The Mariners??? Thats almost as bad as the Yanks letting Jeter go to the Red Sox.

  5. halo128

    Figgy was one of my favorites and I’ll continue to root for him as I did Eckstein and a few others. That said, I think this is the right move. He had an absolutely atrocious post-season and a bad year on the basepaths all together. His defense is great and Seattle will benefit from that, but I think four years is just too long of a commitment with Wood and Izturis at 3rd. Unlike some of the other posters on this thread, I don’t think Figgins will jeopardize our hold on the West all by himself. The Mariners have plenty of holes to fill and it takes a lot more than a .295 hitting leadoff hitter to make up 10 games. Good luck Figgy, we’ll miss ya!


    Wood has already had plenty of time to prove himself. He has choked and will continue to choke. I despise him. As for Figgy going to Seattle, I hope his decision was one based on needing a change of scenery. From the info. I have read we made him a 3 year $30 mil. contract, but the M’s gave him 4 years at $36 mil. If the details are different, and Figgy left because the M’s offered him more money, than he can F’ right off with all the other money ****** in MLB. I think the deal we made him was more than fair in this economy. Here’s what I am hoping for in the offseason. We dump that tool Lackey and pick up Halliday, maybe get Beltre to fill in at 3rd (better than letting Wood screw it up), and then throw a big contract at Jason Bay. Bay will provide a proven player in left as opposed to Juan Rivera and his one fluke season. Hopefully they keep Vlad for a lower price, I’d like to see him finish out his career here.

  7. rayvensdad

    As a die hard M’s fan and also a fan of the sheer craziness that is the Angel’s organization and how you guys always have everything moving in a constant right direction I thank you for the acquisition of Figgins. I’m a realist though. You wouldn’t be giving up a player like him if you didn’t have a backup plan that kept you positive. You guys aren’t ran by the Bavasi of the M’s era. As a M’s fan I already appreciate Figgins because I feared him when we played you guys. In my perfect world he’ll help bring my team to their first World Series victory in their history rather soon. Good luck to the Angels next year, I hope we can make it at least a race against you guys.

  8. muzikman1

    I like many others was a Figgins fan, but honestly knew that he had reached the end of the line for the Angels. While its always been obvious that nobody worked harder or was more liked and respected in the Angels clubhouse, it was just time for him to move on. The team honestly will be better without him. Brandon Wood is just way too good to be left rotting on the bench. Woods upside with sheer athletic ability can take him and the team so much higher than a speed guy losing a step could. There are many on these blogs that just dont understand that very few players can deliver any kind of numbers playing once a week. Baseball is a timing thing that requires steady play to get into a hitting rhythm. Even Kendry Morales was a .234 and .213 hitter with inconsistent play and the biggest break out star in the organization when he got regular play. Manny Ramirez batted .170 in a reserve role, ARod .204 and .232 before he became a starter. Pedroia .191 and Morneau .226 in their pre starter days. Anyone who thinks the pre starter stats are a good guage of a players ability just frankly doesnt know the game very well. Brandon Wood is a star and the Angels through subtraction just got a lot better… they just got the big bat everyone has been calling for. The Wood, Morales, Kendrick era is ready to begin, well in concert with the Weaver, Saunders, Santana, Kazmir era. Its a great time to be an Angels fan.

  9. hoghead44

    What are they drinking in the water at the head office? Chone was one of the best players the Angels had. I would like to see Brandon Woods steal that many bases in a season. The worst part of this is, who did we get in return, no one. This nightmare started with the playoffs and has just gotten worse with trading Figgins and if they trade Lackey they will have the best shot at being in last place next season.
    I am really sad to see him go, but my wife who thought the world of Chone is now looking at becoming a Mariners fan. She figures that between him and Ichiro that will be one hell of a team. Bye Chone we will be dearly missed.

  10. angelsfantotheend

    are you crazy??????? woods over figgy?????? offer figgy 40 or 44 million over 4 years with a 5th year option !!!! if he does’nt take that f — him & than let him go to seattle…nuff said


    Sucks to see figgy sell us out by goino to a division rival! He was one of my favorites but now just a sell out, for those who like to knock mr. Moreno and the front office, check your facts and know the Angels offered him a 5 year $45 million dollar contract, needless to say he wanted out, as for Brandon Wood… who knows, I never expected what I saw kendry morales do, maybe we will be suprised.

  12. muzikman1

    Figgins isnt gone because of the money… Figgins is gone, because the team is better with Wood at 3rd. Figgins doesnt have power at a power position, Figgins is a speed guy losing a step. He was probably among the league leaders in caught stealing this year and his stolen base number way down, even with him being on base more than ever. Figgins is also gone because the team is trying to build a post season winner… and with Figgins being an intricate part of the offense every season his post season stats have proven that he is overwhelmed in the big games. The Angels have been to the post season 6 times with Figgins… His stats in those 10 playoff series are 21 hits in 122 ABs for a BA of .172. He has 4 SBs and 6 RBIs in 35 games. And those numbers include Figgins in his prime. Wood has been one of the most talked about and sought after prospects of the Angels along with Kendrick and Morales… He has amazing physical ability and what appears to be a top notch and classy disposition. While we cant go 6 months without hearing Matthews Jr complain about playing time, not once has Wood complained about his wait or watching all his former teammates get their breaks ahead of him. Im excited about the change and was praying for Figgins to leave to make room for Wood.


    muzikman1 what are you drinking? your obiously a bandwagon fan you and your wife. I would never switch teams because a player left. Figgins was great but why spend money on a player when you have 2 players that can take his spot in wood and itzirus. Use that money and sign Lackey. I trust the front office,the same thing happened last year with tex.Morales stepped up and i believe Wood will too. LOL and Muzikman1 Figgins and Lackey are free agents the Angels cant trade them. But you obiously dont know anything about baseball. GO ANGELS!!!!

  14. colonist

    I can’t believe people are actually butt hurt over losing Chone! I mean this guy couldn’t do squat in the post season. Really, what’s the use of performing during the season but when it really matters in the post season, he flops??? Like I’ve claim before this guy was a good guy, a team player and yeah that’s the part I believe the Angels are going to miss, but that’s all. Figgins is built more for the NL with his style of speed and play.Five years was more than enough time for him to prove during the playoffs in which he really never did. What was he like 2 for 100? With that being said, I don’t know if Wood is the answer. I would of look for a trade and getting an experienced quality 3rd basemen like an Inge or Zimmermen. I just don’t understand the logic of the Angles management when trying to get someone that has speed AND Power! We just saw Boston get a quality guy with some pop in getting Scuttaro. I just don’t understand how the Angels don’t get it. I’m just fed up with these lame and stubborn lack of commen sense smart decisions on their part. WAKE UP!!!

  15. halosjoe

    I will definitely miss Figgy, but after having to say goodbye to Garrett Anderson and Tim Salmon, I don’t think there is a single player left that would affect me sentimentally. The reality is that whether it is due to free agency or retirement, at some point all players move on. It is the game I have always known (Free agency has been in effect since before my birth) and although it sucks to lose a player, it is just the nature of the beast. I tip my hat to Chone and I thank him for all of the great work he did in Anaheim, but that is where my civilities towards him end as he is now just another player trying to beat my HALOS!!! I hope he enjoys playing for a bush league team. Well, I guess he will always have his ’02 ring to admire! Later Figgins!!!!

  16. laibachman

    Good riddens, figgins. What did he have, 2 hits this postseason? Give brandon wood (not WOODS like every idiot posts on here, thinking they know what they are talking about) a chance. I live in salt lake city and have watched wood hit .290 with 30 homers consistently for the last 2+ years. Yes he has struggled with the halos so far, but what do you expect when he gets to start once every 2 weeks? Give him a full year and he will have 20-35 homers and hit .280. Thats quite a duo with kendry, and at a way smaller price.


    figgy is one player out of 25 to make a team.when it really counted is that he stunk during the playoffs. there are alot of players with a .298 batting average and 1 homerun to get the job angents will come thru and the angels will find a play better than figgins.i wish him well but if he was true to his team he would of stayed like abreau did.that’s class.give brandon wood a chance like kendry.look for a starter and a solid catcher.mathis is good behind the plate but .212 does not cut it.GO ANGELS!


    I like the fact that people keep saying Wood hasn’t had a chance to “prove” himself…Do you not all remember 2008? Woods had 150 plate appearances and was only able to bang out a meager .200 b.a. If a player is as good as everyone says he is, he should be able to bang out more than 30 hits for every 150 a.b’s. Almost every plate appearance he swings at crap! Do you mean to tell me that the pitchers in AAA are so horrible that Wood just tee’s off on them? I don’t buy it..I believe he is just a classic example of a perennial minor leaguer.

  19. muzikman1

    Byronfisher I remember the end of 2008 both Wood and Sean Rodriguez got playing time when Aybar, Izturis and Kendrick all went down to injury. But I remember watching it, not just checking the stat lines. After really rough starts to their seasons and a bunch of false starts with sporadic playing time both Wood and Rodriguez started most of the month of September. By mid september both had started to hit a groove and were strokin for both power and a decent average. Their early season stats were so terrible that even with a hot few weeks their averages were still pretty bad by seasons end. But they both showed at that time they can deliver in the clutch, hit with power and with regular play can hit for .280 + averages. They also showed A++ defense. Had the season not ended when it did, they were heading in the right direction statistically. But Wood said he learned that season he needs better plate discipline. When he swung at strikes he squared the ball up, when he chased garbage he struck out a lot. So 2009 plate discipline was his focus and it paid off big. His strikeouts were down from 120 – 140 range down to 80. Plate discipline was the same lesson that turned Figgins, Aybar and Kendrick around. Seriously Angel fans stop hating on Brandon Wood and embrace the fact that many of the experts around the league believe have another Kendry Morales on our hands and start getting excited about this team.

  20. bumpy123

    Gee, im wondering if the Angels are seeking to get into the world series next year or in last place in the west!!

  21. bumpy123

    oh, i forgot. All i hear is that Figgy didnt do nothing in post season!! well niether did Hunter, Rivera, Napoli,ect….

  22. uottano

    So the Angels are willing to pay GMJ over $20 million for two years to sit on the bench or play for someone else, but they’re not willing to pay Figgins over $30 million for four years? Also, a team like the M’s, who have been playing in front of half empty stadiums, can spend that money but the Angels can’t?

    Maybe Wood will eventually be a good major league player, I hope he is and I’ll be rooting for him. But it’s a huge risk that could effectively be more expensive than re-signing Figgins. Anyone remember Glaus and DMac?

    I hope there is a bigger picture being worked on that just isn’t being revealed yet, like signing Bay, because if not then sooner or later the Angels are going to pay a price for letting good players go without getting much, or anything, in return.

  23. muzikman1

    Knowing when to say goodbye to veterans is as valuable a skill as knowing who to bring in for a GM. Figgins isnt leaving because of money. He is leaving because its time for Wood to elevate the team to the next level. Figgins is a speed guy who is getting slower each season. This past season he was caught stealing almost as many times as he was successful. In another year or two he wont even be much of a threat on the bases… and what do you have left at that point besides a guy that cant and doesnt hit in October? The bigger picture is that the Angels had to choose between an aging player losing his biggest weapon and a young star with big power potential. Its never easy saying goodbye to a popular player… but sometimes it is just time to do it like Percival, Anderson, K Rod, Erstad, Washburn, and Kennedy before him. Maybe the player has a good year or two left, but the bet for management is that there isnt much beyond that and the guy coming up behind him has a full tank.

  24. commander_nate

    What’s all the crying about? Even without Figgins we are still the favorite in the AL West. We still have Torii, Morales, Abreu, Rivera, Napoli, Aybar, Izturis, Mathis, Kendrick, and now Wood can show us what he can do full time. Baseball is a business that takes making some gutsy decisions from time to time.

    Letting Figgins walk is risky, but we have 2 options in house (Wood and Izturis) to replace him. Chances are pretty good one of those will work out.

  25. angelsownredsux

    Muzicman if your wife wants to become an SEATLLE ANCHOR fan because of figg’s departure than, ask her is she really an ANGEL FAN? Are you? Another thing you told me to get a grip when I said we needed to SPEND MONEY ON AN ACE, like our competition(jays,sox,red and black, yanks,rangers), Like someone stated above, you obviousley don’t know baseball very well. It’s Morphed into an Auction block where frachises NEED that ONE good ace or two to HAVE THE ADVANTAGE, it’s not 1921 anymore, pitchers don’t throw back to back complete games( cy young) WE NEED that ace, and another and another ect. ect. the rest of the team LOOKS just fine( rivera needs to ish or get off the pot.)We need D.O. back and I would like to see Vlad retire here as well, I offered GMJ for a taco and a coke but had no takers, I hope the Angels don’t eat his salary like Spier’s 6 mill, the way Artie is getting with the dinero….Didn’t want to pay for 2 sport’s announcing teams. I’ am sick and tired of the Angels letting great players go without compensation for them as well, as someone else also pointed out, Look’s like the ANGELS will be the FEEDER team for all other teams( LIKE THEY HAVE BEEN FOR THE past 10 years)and still somehow, make it there but are missing that PITCHER that can Hold it down for that crucial second game. Really, Angels ge4t another ace, even if it’s not lackey, Give this team that extra umph to finally get over tha hump in the post, by the way when k-rod came out in 2002 for us the playoffs and the world series, he was the GAME SAVER and one of the big deciding factors, Thanks SPIEZ, Man I love watching my 2002 dvd when the Angels beat the yankees, it’s so SATISFYING.

  26. j_rod

    The biggest Angel fan here is me (season seat holder as well). It will be hard to see Figgie go, I love this guy. He is great. But I also understand that when managing a team, you need to let guys goes at the right time. I think this move makes sense as you have Brandon Wood waiting there and we must see what he can do when given his shot. Look what happened with Kendry last season. Look at the Abreu signing. Mike Scoisia must believe he is ready to go, so now he gets his shot. Wood has much more pop and can supply more power. Aybar will probably move to the lead off role (not bad at all!). I called this move at the end of the season. Just as I think Lackey will not be back. The Angels are going to restock the farm with the draft picks that they will get by letting them sign with other teams.

    I get a sense that the Angels are going to work for a trade for a top line pitcher. If it doesn’t work out, you still have O’ Sullivan, Trevor Bell or Palmer to fill the 5th spot. In addition, I think they are going to use the money saved by not bringing back Lackey and Figgie to make a run for Jason Bay.

  27. lvangels

    wood s u c k s. let izzy have 3rd. trade wood he will never make it, just like dallas mcpherson. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    Hey Angel fans (of which I’m a true blood) have you not noticed that ever since Figgy became a full-time starter, we’ve yet to even make it back to the big show? I’m sorry, but I’ve never been sold on him being our starting 3rd baseman. It’s time for this experiment to end and let Woody show us what he’s got! Every year Angel fans moan about “getting a big bat”. Well, 3rd base is supposed to be a big power bat in any major league lineup. I’m happy this has happened so now we get some POP back at 3rd and Aybar gets to lead off (a more productive and clutch player than Figgy) so I’m with angelsownredsux on this one all the way.

    As for Lackey – I think he stays; just my gut feeling.

  29. cdunk

    Ok I have read every one’s blogs about how bad of decsion it is to let Figgins go. I agree but i do have to say im a little bias over Figgins. I was at that great game 7 of the WS and Figgins was the first Angles to stop by all the great angels fans that we are to sign a few autographs. From then on i have seen him get better and better at the game. I have talk to his after games he never shund or walk right passed a fan as i have see a few Angels do, which as a fan really ticks me off us fans pay the players. Yes i know hes not a power hitter but a dam good hitter. And player all around. has any one seen the team wall of stats behind home plate Figgins up on that wall quite a bit that should tell you something. I do agree Wood needs a chance but there is always going to be a player waiting in the winds to get there chance. I do have to say yes hes hitting in the playoffs were horrible as were a few other players avg. Figgins is one man one player on a TEAM one player down others need to step up. I am very excited for baseball to start again and sad that i might have to see my fav player gone. i will root for him in seattle (when there not playing the angels of corse) and ready to see Wood step in to the shoes figgins left.. Go Angels

  30. muzikman1

    Im really not sure how I got credited with having said the stuff about becoming an Ms fan with the wife because Figgins was gone. (Those reactionary comments were made by hoghead44) I have said the exact opposite since the season ended Ive been saying that I hope figgins is not re signed because Im a HUGE Brandon Wood fan and truly believe that he is the big bat everyone has been crying for. Re read my posts even on this blog… I think the Angels are better without Figgins because he was blocking Wood and without Vlad because he is blocking more ABs from Napoli and Abreu. I also have repeated that the Angels are better with Lackey, but Im ready to watch him walk too, because in my opinion, the other four have already caught him and he is not the Ace he wants to be paid like. I am a huge fan of our young players and am excited that we finally have a management that has focused on better scouting, better development and then give the guys a chance to shine… and shine they have up and down the roster. Those who bring up Dallas McPherson as an argument against Wood again are grasping since Wood didnt have a career ending back injury like Dallas. Had he stayed healthy, he may well have been the next Glaus, but he didnt. Wood has been injury free his entire career and has done everything asked of him at every level. He has as much or more raw athletic ability and baseball intelligence of any of the guys on the roster. Wood is the real deal when he gets a chance to play more than once a week as he did briefly in September 08.

  31. puckdevil8

    I’m sorry…but those of you who think Brandon Wood will step up when he “replaces” Figgy at 3rd are in for a rude awakening. Brandon Wood is all hype and can only play well when there is no pressure on him. He needs to stay in the minor league because he will never be Major League material. He just doesn’t have what it takes. He is a No Talent …. Never Will Be. People say that with more playing time he will improve. The only thing that will be improving is the writing of critics from the proof that will be a mountain of strikeouts from a player who does not belong on the Angels. Hopes and high dreams will only produce another Dallas McPherson. Don’t waste your time….let Maicer play everyday 3rd with Quinny as the back up and deal Brandon Wood away. Deal him away as quick as you can. Go Angels!!!!

  32. halossince72

    typical angel front office. there is no way anyone is gonna convince me that we are “better” for losing Figgy. the guy is not just one of the best lead off guys in the game… he is THE BEST lead off man. now we get to face figgy followed by Ichiro?? well i hope Mike has been working with Napoli’s rag arm.. cuz the Ms are gonna run all over us. Wakamatsu is an “angel” type manager.. they didnt pick up Figgy cuz he is a good guy.. they grabbed him cuz Reagans would rather throw good money after bad.. trying to buy another outfielder so Mathews doesnt feel so lonley on the bench.. Rivera can join him. yeah, thats gonna be the missing piece. so now we let Lackey go so we can put Palmer in the starting rotation? look big Matt is a stud out of the bullpen but there is no way he will hold up over 30+ starts next season.. so i guess Tony is cool with coming in a close 2nd in the division while the Ms win it and we race with the Rangers to see who is the 2nd best team in the division.. i mean what is this all about? it is obvious we need a #1 starter, and sorry sports fans Tony aint gonna give up what needs to be given up for Halliday.. we need a huge bat to DH sorry fans Rivera aint it.. and with Vladdy going (and dont get me started on how bad that is for us fans) and the only rumors circulating are trades for relief pitchers? guys that no one has ever heard of? any way you slice it, we are not gonna keep up with the Yanks or the Sox.. and now we will be lookin up at the Ms?? horrible job Tony i miss stoneman

  33. wendy89

    Im a big figgins fan =[ this news was terrible for me when they play im going to see him yes im an angels fan but figgins was my fav … i will miss u figgins were the best . top of the line up=(


    I’m cancelling my season seats!
    It’s not only the economy that causes the Angels Organization to lose season seat holders…it’s stupid decisions like this of letting Figgens go and almost certainly releasing Lackey. I am a true Angels fan and season seat holder (6 SEATS!), but I’m not going to let go of my hard earned cash to an organization who doesn’t take into heart what the fans want and Angels need. Arte, if you want to win, you need to pay the players. Then the fans will come and you will not have a financial challenge. Until then, I’ll be enjoying the games on FSN West. You lost another season seat holder.


    The Angels are trying to win a championship. Having Figgins at third is not the answer. The Angels know that and are going to make the adjustment. Seattle will find this out very quickly and will regret this move. As a lifelong Angel fan I made the same comments when they let Eckstein go and where is he now. You have to think long term when building a team. Pitching will win and advance the Angels past the Yankees or Redsox. Figgins can’t touch Left handed pitching just look into the numbers. It would be nice to have him hit leadoff but look at the playoffs and he was exposed.
    The good thing for Figgins is he doesn’t show up for the playoffs. But neither do the Mariners. So he has nothing to worry about anymore. After all this is a business and he needs to get paid. He will never have to worry about the playoffs again.

  36. carlsims

    One player does not make or break an organization, especially the Angels. Cancel your season seats, because I’ll snatch them up in a second! The Angels are a class organization that goes to the playoffs every year. I will be an Angel fan till I die, with or without Lackey or Figgins. The way our team is now, we will win the division again easily. Plus, I believe Reagins has a trick up his sleeve to sign or trade for someone big. Don’t worry or give up Angel fans. I remember the days when we never made the playoffs and were a joke. Go Angels!!

  37. mariagoquakes1

    Hey, I like Figgy as much as the next guy. But Brandon Wood needs playing time to show people his skills. He is tall and super athletic. He can play SS or 3rd. In 2005 he hit 43 HRs and was named “Minor League Player of the Year!”. Of all of the Minors, not just advanced A. I watched these young players come up through the Angels organization and you sense the ones that will truly make it. Morales, Aybar, Kendrick, Weaver, K-Rod, Santana, Saunders, O’Sulllivan, Jepsen, Bell, Napoli, Mathis, Willits, and our beloved Adenhart. (I know I left out some). Also, many players that moved on to different clubs. Derreck Lee and many many others. Lets give Brandon the chance he deserves!


    Not bringing Figgy back makes me want to have stoneman back as GM. Figgy is a perfect representation of what angels baseball is, and now we have lost him. who is going to steal bases? Aybar can’t steal them all and Abreu can’t be leaned on for more than 25 or 30…

  39. jiggy4figgy

    I have loved watching Figgy play for the Angels from the get go. He is STILL my favorite player. I may be disappointed that he is no longer an Angel, but I would cheer Chone on in a Red Sox uniform. I am and always will be Jiggy4Figgy! Best of Luck Chone!

  40. j_rod

    Figgy will be missed. I am a big fan of his. But someone above made a good point. He was pretty exposed during the playoffs when time after time they turned him around to bat right. His batting average is about 50 points lower from the right side. I think they will be fine, they will give Wood his shot to see what he can do. If not, they have Izzy who has proven to be about a .280-.300 hitter…and that’s playing part time. Trust me, it is difficult to play part time and stay in a groove and have the timing down. So I predict Wood will be a nice surprise playing full time (at least to start the season so we can see what he has).

    Think about it, last season we were a couple of wins from the world series. So we are almost there and just need a couple of pieces to put us over the top. I know we lost Figgy, but I think we have coverage to make up for the production in Wood and Izzy. Wood has the potential to put up more power numbers as well, which is what the Angels need and could have used against the Yankees.

    The Angels need a big name pitcher or 2, that is more important anyhow. And I would like to see Lackey back. If it were me, I would bring back Lackey and deal for Halladay. For Halladay, I would offer up Joe Saunders, Izzy and a minor league prospect or 2. Now that would be the kind of splash that you usually see on the east coast (like last year’s Sabathia and Burnett splash).

    Go Angels!


    I think Figgins did great at 3rd defensively and leading off the team but now that hes gon the angels should consider to switch positions in where they move Kendry Morales to 3rd and hopefully go for a trade tha would bring Adrian Gonzales to cover the first base hes got a powerful swing can hit more tha 40 homeruns a season and also a great glove , i think Morales has tremendous power too and he become more versatil at the 3rd bag because of his great reflex and leg work , also Jeff Mathis should be the evreyday catcher as we saw in the post season he closed for the angels and option Napoli to a trade to bring A-Gon.

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