Baker defends Hunter

Reds manager Dusty Baker was a member of the panel that recently discussed the status of African American players in baseball, and he was taken aback by quotes attributed to Angels center fielder Torii Hunter in a national publication.

“I must have left before any of that,” Baker said. “I didn’t hear it at all. I know Torii was probably trying to make light of the situation – and that’s not Torii Hunter, how it came out in print.

“He’s one of the most respected players around the game by everyone in the game. All I know is that whatever way it came out, I refuse to believe Torii believes that. He’s a unifier. He’s always treated everybody the same, with respect. That’s one of the reasons why he has such a great reputation in the game, along with the way he competes.”

Hunter was stunned and hurt by how the story portrayed his perception of the racial balance in the game. He said he was merely trying to point out that “black kids from America are different from kids growing up in Latin America, with different cultures, but we all share a love of the game.

“I’ve spent my whole career trying to get young kids involved in this great game,” Hunter said, “and that’s not going to change. It’s hurtful when something like this causes perceptions that are not accurate.”

>>>>>>Kazmir ready to go

Snuffed by the Reds, 6-0, on three hits on Wednesday, the Angels got some good news on the pitching front. Southpaw Scott Kazmir, whose spring started slowly with residual pain from a right hamstring strain, made it through 31 pitches in a camp game and is set to go in the rotation. His turn comes up on Monday when the Dodgers visit Tempe Diablo Stadium.

“He looked great,” Scioscia said. “It was a really good workout for him.”








    Tori Hunter needs to get needs a lesson in history. Latin players with dark skin have ancestors who were brought in to the new world by the Spaniards. They sailed through Africa and picked up slaves to man their ships and slave them, during the trip as they reached areas of the Caribbean and South America these slaves jumped ship and made their way into the land and made them their country. The Spaniards sailed as they reached certain Islands they lost a considerable amount of Slave (black Africans). Now a days you see a balck latin player, such as Vladimir, Roberto Clemente(Walker) and many, many more and these guys derived from African slaves, they are not just Latin American ball players, they are not latino, they have African blood. So for Tori to say that these guys because they are dark skin and come from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Cuba that they are not Africans he’s totally wrong. I must say that they are more African than he thinks. It is astounding how these blacak players think that they are the only ones who can be black, that they are the only ones who came from Africa, or I should say their ancestors came from Africa. Tori, please research history and the latin culture and see where these dark skin baseball players ancestors came from. These same Island/countries have people with green, blue eyes blond and some are brown and those folks ancestors came from Spain and Europe and made their country in the Caribbean. So for Tori to say such a ridiculous thing is compltely wrong. I don’t care how much he loves these guys, and how he says they are family, the fact of the matter is that they are also AFRICAN. Ozzie is right, too many black kids want to be basketball players, there are many more sports to participate in not in the latin countries where baseball is predominant, kids here want to be a pro immediately they don’t want to go to the minors and work to achieve such status. You see in the minor they’ll tell them as it is….. your good and have talent for the majors or you’re good but not good enough for the major, thus they pick basketball because they can hit the pro market fast whether they are good, average or not. Study some more Tori and get informed where those dark skin latin baseball players ancestors come from, just like you, your ancestors came from Africa, but you where born here, they were born in an Island/country but their ancestors came from AFRICA. Roberto Clemente WALKER his ancestors were from AFRICA and his parents were born in Puerto Rico but since his ancestor were of AFRICAN origin his still had an non latino last name. WALKER.


    i never heard or read anything about torii hunter. Ihad no idea that he felt this way. thanks for the info. karentheclassifiedsgirl.

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