The good, the bad . . .

In the afterglow of a 3-1 triumph and three-game weekend sweep of the Blue Jays . . .



With two outs in the sixth, Erick Aybar still on second after a leadoff double, Hideki Matsui unloads on a Ricky Romero fastball and sends it rocketing one-hop off the center-field wall to snap a scoreless deadlock for Ervin Santana. Before the game, manager Mike Scioscia talked in some detail about how Japanese hitters spend hour after hour trying to gain a perfect balance at home plate. At times it appears Matsui is leaning back as he takes his swing, falling away, but he manages to keep his bat in the hitting zone and drive the ball. He did it again in the ninth, igniting what proved to be an important two-run rally. This is an amazing hitter, a man who thrives under pressure.



These sparse, disinterested Blue Jays crowds. I know it’s Stanley Cup time, and it’s cold, and the Jays haven’t been good for a long while, and they traded Roy Halladay. But this is not good. I’ve always defended Canadian baseball fans, and I truly miss Montreal, one of the world’s great cities. But the Jays aren’t that bad. These “Lyle” chants, zeroing in on the slumping first baseman, are not worthy of such an urbane city. The Jays drew for these three Angels dates what they once attracted for an average regular-season game. Sad.



Ervin Santana, when he’s on his game, is a tremendous pitcher. He was dealing with supreme confidence from the outset Sunday. Trouble surfaced twice in the early going, and both times he reached back and made quality pitches, leaving runners in scoring position. His fastball was sitting in the 91-93 mph range – not quite where it will be when he gets in a warm-weather groove – and his slider and changeup were dancing. He thought his change was his best pitch, and he should know. If he maintains his rhythm, flow and confidence, the Angels could have a rotation full of All-Star candidates after a rough first two spins through the cycle. – Lyle Spencer




    As the season was ready to start, I thought we had a solid lineup 1 – 9 plus a really good starting pitching staff. I had some doubts about our relief corp and although I’m not a big fan of Fuentes, he did do a decent job last year. I still think that relief pitching will haunt us throughout the season and I’ll bet that Rodney is the closer by mid season.

    Of course I was bummed that we got off to such a bad start, but you’re not out of the playoff race after the first week or two of the season (except if you’re Baltimore). It looks like the skipper has the ship on the right course and the team is stepping up. On offense, we’re all worried about Wood. He seems to be a perenial minor league player and it’s already to the point where the Angels are going to need to make a decision on what to do at third base.

    As for catcher, we’re hearing a lot of grumbling in the L.A. times how having three catchers is not good for team moral and its a matter of time before Napoli is on his way out.

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  2. angelsgirl012

    I think Ervin has the best stuff on this staff! My grandma certainly loves him :D. We always joke around in our house that my grandma’s favorite player is not Chan Ho Park (we’re korean) it’s Ervin Santana.. and erick aybar …. she also is very fond of Joe Girardi but that’s a whole nother story! Let’s just say we are passionate about baseball in our house

    Rogers Centre looked so empty 😦

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