Morales: Sad, but no tragedy

Before putting the Kendry Morales ordeal to bed, a few words of quiet reflection might be in order.

As Jered Weaver so aptly put it, this was a “freak accident.” It could have happened to anybody, but it happened to Morales, at the strangest of times. A moment of spontaenous celebration by the Angels turned into something unfathomable.

Moments after delivering one of the great efforts of his career, Morales was being carried off the field, wondering how severely his left leg was injured.

It turns out it was a fracture of the lower leg, and he’ll be undergoing surgery on Sunday. Morales will be out for a long time. The Angels and their fans will miss him a great deal. But he will be back.

This is something we need to keep in mind. Morales will be back. Angels fans understand the distinction after what we all went through last season.

It’s possible Morales, given the advanced nature of modern medicine and training methods, will be as good as ever when he returns to the Angels’ lineup. He is young and strong and resilient. We know how tough he is. The fact he is here is testimony enough. You don’t make the boat trip over from Cuba without being tough, physically and mentally.

In any case, he will be back. The Angels might not win a fourth straight AL West title, and that will make a lot of people angry. But they’ll rebound, rebuild, add pieces and touches if that’s the case. They’ll be just fine. They’ll continue to sell tickets and play exciting baseball, and Morales will be part of it.

I wish I could tell you exactly what happened, what I saw, but I was staring into this laptop when Morales slipped and went down on home plate in that crowd of teammates. I was writing my fourth or fifth sublede for my game story, hitting the send button right about the time he lost his balance and fell, damaging that left leg.

I’ve been told by those closer that it was a “crazy scene,” something nobody could have imagined. This just doesn’t happen, but it happened, and it’s a shame.

But this is not a tragedy.

This is misfortune.

What happened last season was a tragedy.

We need to keep this in mind as we move forward.

The Angels will have a new hitter behind Torii Hunter, when his injured hand allows him to return to the lineup. They’ll have a new first baseman – maybe three or four, who knows? The game will go on, and so will the Angels.

I feel for Kendry. I happen to have a great deal of respect for him, as an athlete and a person. He has done amazing things in his young life, and he will do many more amazing things.

This will pass. – Lyle Spencer


  1. angeldod

    Yeah, we get it, Lyle — it’s no tragedy and it doesn’t even come close to what the club and fans experienced a year ago. But who is comparing what happened to Morales to the horror of 2009? Is that what you’ve been hearing? Or are you just necessarily trying to play Dr. Phil?

    Hey, what happened to Morales sucks and it sucks mainly because it was preventable. How about a column on the carelessness of celebratory athletes after a walk-off? This was an accident waiting to happen, and per the Angels’ long history of weird injuries and fatalities (the Angels Curse didn’t die with a championship, obviously), we were the unfortunate ones to see the first major incident of such home plate enthusiasm.

    Go Halos!

  2. haloinsd

    Spencer’s gotta go! As a voice from within the franchise, you can’t right things like “The Angels might not win a fourth straight AL West title…” after losing one, albeit a highly valuable, player!

  3. angeldod

    Typo alert: Meant “unnecessarily” in my entry above. Thanks. P.S. Agree with you, haloinsd.

  4. newyorkwriter

    angeldod, I don’t call people names. So how would I say bully without directly applying it to you? Mmm, perhaps I’ll just go on then. Just so you know: all Angel fans “may” not agree with your esteemed know-it-allness. The summer “may” be cold at times. Lady Gaga “may” lose a few fans this year and the Angels “may” not win the West. Why on this beautiful planet Earth would you call for someone to lose their job because they simply said something that happens to be true? The Angels “may” not win the West. However, I am as big an Angel fan you will find in the land of Yankees and Mets, and frankly, I get real tired of homer voices on the radio (the two Michaels on the radio especially), TV and print. I think Lyle Spencer is one of the better writing minds out there. I’m sure he’s overworked, like most folks in the beleaguered media these days, but he’s good. I could care less if he’s an Angel fan. He’s got great access and is very prolific. I predict he’ll be around this Fall, when you “may” be calling me for World Series tickets!

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