Angels eyeing Manny, Vlad?

The Angels appear to be interested in both Manny Ramirez and Vladimir Guerrero as free agents, according to a report by Enrique Rojas of ESPNDeportes. Citing sources, Rojas reports that both players are closing in on free-agent deals. One source suggests Ramirez is likely to sign by the beginning of next week.

The Angels, Twins, Rangers, Rays and Blue Jays have shown some interest in Ramirez, but Minnesota is out after signing Jim Thome. The Angels, Rangers and Rays appear to be pursuing him most aggressively. Rojas hears that Ramirez is determined to redeem himself after a disappointing season and money is not his primary concern.

Guerrero, according to a source, believes the Orioles have the inside track on signing him, but the Angels are another possibility. – Lyle Spencer


  1. rob02

    If they must sign another person, which I don’t think they need to do, I’ll take Vlad. Manny brings too much drama. Thats bad for team moral.

  2. angelsaok

    If the goal is to get to the playoffs, either Vlad or Manny could help immensely. If the goal is to advance beyond the first round, go for Manny. Their postseason performance is night and day.

  3. chadly612

    The way I see it is either one is protection for Kendry Morales, so why not. But apparently Manny is probably going to sign with the Rays along with Johnny Damon so it’s a moot issue.

  4. timocypress

    Bring back the Daddy! Man I’ve held on to the jersey and I know it’s for a reason. At least with Vlad, you can play him a few games in the outfield to give players days off. No Manny, sorry. He can still hit but his defensive skills do not exist. I don’t want them to make a mistake and sign a hitter much in reason for him being a clutch hitter and never be in a situation to utilize it due to not getting into the playoffs. And Lyle, you’re the man (remember me now lol).


  5. angels4ever

    “Money is not his prime concern” oh please, he knows he won’t get another 25M a year like he suckered out of the Dodgers.

  6. halos4

    If the Agels sign Manny Ramirez to a contract this will be the first season since 1988 that I do not attend some Angels games! It is sad to think the Angels “smart” ownership and front office would want a cancer like Manny Ramirez over others who are more qualified and less damaging to a team. Personally I would like to see Mike Napoli get more AB’s and catch and DH, but if they feel a full time DH is needed why not get fan favorite Vladdy back? Mike Napoli would be a great full time DH and would not require to spend more money on a free agent. Lets trade Abreu and Rivera with Wood and Mathis and somehow get Figgy back.

  7. rottenboyfriend

    Getting Toronto to take Napoli and Rivera who were designated to be our DH’s at a combined salary of 11 million frees up the money and a spot in our lineup to bring Vlad back! He is THE BIGGEST FAN FAVORITE since Tim Salmon and this would ensure he goes into the HALL OF FAME as an Angel.

    Peter Bourgous is raw and probably a year away and with Abru’s contract expiring after this season we then put Bourgous in center and move Wells to left for 2012!

    Give Vlad the two year deal he deserves so he can finish his career as an Angel. Lineup 1. Zeturis, 2. Abru, 3. Hunter, 4. Well, 5.Morales, 6. Guerrero, 7. Kendrick, 8. Mathis/ Congar, 9. Aybar! With our starting pitching and the new guys we picked up in the pen this team can compete with anyone and has the veteran leadership to go all the way!

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