Make it Kendrys Morales

On further review, make it Kendrys Morales.

Known as Kendry Morales since signing with the Angels as a Cuban exile in 2004, Morales has let it be known that his given name is actually Kendrys. That is how it appears in the Angels’ press guide, and that’s what he prefers to be called.

His full name is Kendrys Morales Rodriguez.

Morales, fifth in the 2009 American League Most Valuable Player balloting, is rebounding from surgery on his lower left leg and hopes to be ready by Opening Day on March 31 in Kansas City. He has been hitting regularly and taking fielding practice but has not yet run full speed.

He fractured the leg on May 29 leaping on home plate after a game-winning grand slam against the Mariners at Angel Stadium. – Lyle Spencer


  1. sirmixer

    Hello,,, I just want to throw this thought out to you, would it at all be possible for the Angels to trade for David Wright?? The Mets are in bad shape(from what I’ve read) and David Wright is only, what, 28 yrs old and a very solid 3rd baseman with not only a good OBP but a RBI guy with power and thats power in Citi Field….. Am I only dreaming? Or could my Dream come True? Thank You and have a great day….

  2. rip

    Keep Kendry? Nah… trade him for some middle relief, looks like we have the closer role nailed down with Waldon, but some set up guys would be great and Kendry would be a good piece of bait to toss out there for those kind of arms , perhaps the Padres Healt Bell would be the answer for setting the stage for Waldon.Mark Trumbo is sealed his position at first, his rookie numbers are excellent and with more at bats he will only get better and for what we are paying Kendry keeping Trumbo would be the best way to free up some much needed $$$$ after the millions we paid for Wells who’s numbers this year are sub-par

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